Minister Crevits announces three advisory questions

VARIO-raadsvergadering 23 januari 2020

Council meeting 10 December 2019 – discussion of the work programme

During its meeting of 10 December 2019, VARIO discussed the work programme for 2020. VARIO plans to finalise the advisory report  'Roadmap to the Top 5 innovative knowledge regions' in spring. The process of drawing up a set of high-quality indicators for science and innovation, that was started in 2019, will also be continued. In 2020 VARIO will furthermore focus on the Sustainable Development Goals and societal challenges and the role that a mission-oriented innovation policy and the quadruple helix play in these. A thorough analysis of the importance of foreign R&D centres for Flanders is also on the programme. This advisory report will focus on how we can retain existing R&D centres and attract new ones.

Council meeting 23 Januari 2020 – minister Crevits announces three advisory questions

On Thursday 23 January, Minister Crevits, responsible for innovation, attended the VARIO Council meeting. After a discussion of the VARIO highlights from the past period, minister Crevits announced three advisory questions for VARIO. During the subsequent New Year's reception, the minister also announced her plans for VARIO to the public. You can read her speech and also that of the chairman here.

VARIO is already preparing itself for these ambitious assignments:

  • Ambition top 5 innovation region in Europe: How do we as Flanders obtain a place in the top 5 knowledge regions? What are the most relevant benchmark regions and countries for Flanders? What are the strategic policy indicators that can monitor this objective?
  • Industrial policy: A new instrument of Europe to support the international competitiveness of European industry are the so-called IPCEIs (Important Projects of Common European Interest). What are the strengths and opportunities for Flanders for the various possible IPCEIs?
  • Quadruple helix: In a mission-driven innovation policy, where you really want to have an impact on societal challenges, you have to give society a place. You need the broad civil society and you need to get innovation into people's homes and hearts. How do we ensure that citizens and civil society become a fully-fledged pillar in the ecosystem for science and innovation in Flanders? This means expanding from the triple helix to the quadruple helix.

More details on the work programme for 2020 will be available here soon.  


Minister Crevits announces three advisory questions