125 million euros from Flemish recovery plan to hydrogen

125 million euros from Flemish recovery plan to hydrogen

Last week, we already reported on the Flemish Hydrogen Vision that Flemish Minister of Innovation Hilde Crevits communicated to the Flemish Government in mid-November, and in the run-up to which VARIO issued an advice in July 2020 on how Flanders can build a strong hydrogen economy. 

In an editorial for Knack, Minister Crevits states: "We must throw in all means to make the hydrogen transition a reality as soon as possible. That's why I'm already releasing at least 125 million euros for productive and sustainable investments in hydrogen technology projects for the European IPCEI call on hydrogen. After all, a breakthrough in hydrogen technology will not only help our Flemish industry and companies to face the challenges of the future, it can make Flanders match the ambitious EU climate objectives and create sustainable jobs and economic growth". Today, Trends also brings a dossier on hydrogen as a promising but at the same time expensive and complicated technology.

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