European Parliament: 300 million extra for Horizon Europe

European Parliament: 300 million extra for  Horizon Europe

The European Parliament wants to increase the budget for Horizon Europe with €311 million, according to the established position statement. Additionally, they demand to put an extra €200 million in Erasmus+. The  European Parliament also wants to ringfence the extra budget to prevent it from being diverted to new strategic initiatives such as the Chips Act and the recent plans for a satellite communication service. According to Thomas Estermann of the European University Association this is very important, because this issue is becoming the norm, rather than the exception, he informs ScienceBusiness. In addition, the European Parliament wants the member states to put back an estimated €836 million into Horizon Europe. ScienceBusiness further reports that the threat to cut into the 2023 budget for the European Innovation Council is being lifted following commitments from the European Commission that payment problems would be resolved. Horizon Europe rapporteur Christian Ehler speaks of ‘a last chance’ for the European Commission.

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