Flemish hydrogen vision 'European frontrunner through sustainable innovation'

Flemish hydrogen vision 'European frontrunner through sustainable innovation'

In a communication to the Flemish Government, Minister of Innovation Hilde Crevits presented the Flemish Hydrogen Vision on Friday 13 November. As included in the Flemish Government Agreement 2019-2024 and the various policy papers, Flanders has the ambition to become the European leader in hydrogen technology. 'For Flanders, hydrogen offers many economic and social opportunities. Hydrogen can play an important role in our energy and climate transition, and create economic opportunities in the global growth market of hydrogen technology and hydrogen applications'. To achieve this, the Flemish Government is drawing the card of sustainable innovation.

This year, VARIO already identified the Flemish assets for building a strong hydrogen economy. By setting up a hydrogen vision, the Flemish Government is responding to one of VARIO's recommendations.

Vlaamse Waterstofvisie (pdf)

VARIO-advies 12: Strategische verkenning important projects of common European interest (IPCEI) deel I: waterstof

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