IBN Space 4.0 is first response to VARIO-advisory report ‘Flanders Space’

IBN Space 4.0 is eerste antwoord op VARIO-advies‘Flanders’ Space’

The Flemish Space Industry (VRI) receives a subsidy from the Flemish Government for the creation of an innovative business network (IBN). IBN Space 4.0 will start on the 1st of October 2018 with a budget of 300,000 euros. The aim is that the IBN creates a sustainable network that will eventually grow into a fully-fledged space economy in Flanders.  "The instrument of an IBN seems to be the ideal instrument to implement the action points proposed by VARIO in its advice Flanders' Space of February 2018. The activities that the IBN will conduct are also closely linked to the advice", answers Minister Muyters to a parliamentary question in the Commission Economy of the Flemish Parliament.

Verslag Commissie EWI

Advies VARIO (februari 2018)