Minister Crevits puts emphasis on space technology

Minister Crevits zet in op ruimtevaarttechnologie

Flemish Minister Hilde Crevits (Economy and Innovation) is going to set up a task force related to space. She announced this in the Flemish Parliament. One of the tasks of the task force will be to monitor the extent to which the federal government subscribes to those ESA programmes that are important for Flemish actors. Flanders is increasingly succeeding in obtaining ESA funds, but the 55% share, as agreed a long time ago, has not yet been achieved. At the moment the share is about 43%. Two years ago, VARIO presented the advisory report "Flanders' Space" that recommended, among other things, that the federal government (BELSPO) should more than adequately subscribe to those optional ESA programmes for which Flanders has a strong technological potential, so that the Flemish presence in these programmes increases. In the Commission for Economy, Work, Social Economy, Science and Innovation of the Flemish Parliament on 6 February 2020, Minister Crevits stated that her focus is still on the implementation of the recommendations of the VARIO advisory report.

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