Pandemic can change the economy and society forever

Pandemie kan economie en maatschappij voorgoed veranderen

In recent weeks an avalanche of articles have appeared on the major changes that the coronavirus will bring about in the economy and society. Evonomics has listed a whole series of them.The American think tank Brookings publishes daily on the subject. We also refer to articles by Foreign Policy, openDemocracy, Singularity Hub, Univision and 'Vrij Nederland' (UN). Some of the articles deal with economic and social changes that would be inevitable, others with changes that we can consciously pursue. Economists at Utrecht University (UU), for example, see opportunities for innovation by linking the corona crisis to transitions we are already making. An article by McKinsey explains how the manufacturing industry will change forever as a result of the upscaling potential of digital technologies, which will be given a huge boost by the pandemic. SSRN (formerly: Social Science Research Network) has produced a document with views of innovation economists on the current pandemic. It is aimed at the general public and focuses on questions related to the ecosystem of science, technology and innovation. The paper does not present new research results, but outlines the developments that are taking place on the basis of generally accepted economic reasoning and results of existing economic research.

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