"Targeted missions help Europe to innovate on a large scale".

“Doelgerichte missies helpen Europa om op grote schaal te innoveren”

The Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose of University College London (UCL-IIPP) claims, not unjustifiably, that it was at the origin of the EU's choice of mission-oriented innovation policy. In a policy letter, the institute explains what this means and why it is important. An article by McKinsey endorses this message. "Missions can promote broad cooperation between leading companies and the public sector while gaining the support of European citizens. Missions, for example, are at the heart of the new European Green Deal. An article on the Green Alliance Blog explains what this means: it goes beyond 'just' supporting innovations that contribute to climate policy ('picking the willing'). A mission-oriented innovation policy clearly sets the direction and uses all government instruments to achieve this goal. VARIO is also addressing the theme of a mission-oriented innovation policy, for example by the topics of the STI Councils autumn meeting (see above) and the VARIO colloquium that is taking place today.

Policy letter UCL-IIPP (pdf)

Article McKinsey

Article Green Alliance Blog