VARIO calls for "Nine ministers of innovation"

VARIO asks the next Flemish government to pay more attention to cooperation across policy domains

VARIO doet oproep: "Ga voor negen ministers van innovatie"

Mid-July, VARIO handed over an opinion piece to the representatives of all political parties. In it, one of the key messages of our memorandum was recalled: the need for a transversal innovation policy. This means that the scope of innovation policy cannot be limited to a single vertical policy domain, but that the policy domains work together to achieve policy objectives. Therefore VARIO calls for appointing '9 ministers of innovation'.

As an argument VARIO indicates the importance of an additional problem-driven innovation policy for tackling the major societal challenges (e.g. global warming), this as a supplement to the current generic policy.

Now that the government negotiations have started, VARIO has repeated its July message to the negotiating parties.

You can find the opinion piece in pdf-form below. The document is only available in Dutch.