VARIO screened Flemish trading partners' recovery plans in the context of a new advisory process on the SDGs

VARIO screende relanceplannen Vlaamse handelspartners in het kader van een nieuw adviestraject rond de SDG’s

Within the framework of the Flemish recovery plans, VARIO wants to better inform itself about the link between sustainable financing and investments and a resilient economy, whereby (apparently) opposing values ​​inspired by economic goals on the one hand and social goals on the other can be reconciled. Yesterday, VARIO started an advisory process on this subject with an explanation by Prof. Christel Dumas of the ICHEC Brussels Management School. VARIO believes that the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the UN offer a perfect framework to reconcile and thereby strengthen a sustainable, growth-based economy and attention for our environment and attention for social problems. This will require new technology, innovation and entrepreneurship. The pioneers will be able to export their knowledge and technology and thus benefit themselves economically. That is why it is important to look at the recovery plans of our trading partners. VARIO brought together the budgetary scope and substantive emphasis of these recovery plans in an overview table (downloadable below).