VARIO's work programme for next year

Wat ligt er volgend jaar op de plank van VARIO?

During the meeting of 10 December 2019, VARIO discussed in detail its work programme for 2020. VARIO plans to finalise the advisory report on 'Roadmap to the Top 5 innovative knowledge regions' in spring. The process of drawing up a set of high-quality indicators for science and innovation will also be continued. Both advisory trajectories started in 2019. In 2020, VARIO will also study the Sustainable Development Goals and Societal Challenges and the role that a mission-oriented innovation policy and the quadruple helix take up in this. A thorough analysis of the importance of R&D centres of foreign companies for Flanders is also on the work programme. The advisory report will focus on how we can retain existing R&D centres and attract new ones.