Report Evaluation Committee VARIO

Report Evaluation Committee  VARIO

After its first five years of operation, VARIO thought it was time for a critical reflection to optimize its operation and impact. To this end, VARIO commissioned an evaluation of its operation and impact in 2022 by an external evaluation committee led by Prof. Luc Soete. The evaluation report of the Evaluation Committee was handed over to Flemish Minister for Innovation Jo Brouns on December 16, 2022.

VARIO is known, visible, well embedded in the Flemish Innovation Landscape and is appreciated. The Evaluation Committee appreciates VARIO's independence as its main strength, as well as the high-quality, evidence-based advisory reports. The focus on long-term, systemic advisory reports was also appreciated. The Evaluation Committee formulates six recommendations:

  1. Expand the scope of VARIO to innovation across all policy domains;
  2. Open the debate on the optimal positioning of VARIO;
  3. Activate the consultation platform with open lines to other players in the innovation landscape;
  4. Attention to international developments and their relevance for Flanders;
  5. To preserve VARIO's independence (transparent appointment procedure);
  6. In case of urgent requests for advice, to limit itself to existing scientific evidence.