VARIO Advisory Report 21: ‘Draft concept fourth Flemish Strategy for Sustainable Development’

VARIO Advies 21: ‘Ontwerp vierde Vlaamse Strategie Duurzame Ontwikkeling’

At the request of Minister-President Jan Jambon, VARIO formulated an advice with regard to the fourth Flemish Strategy for Sustainable Development (VSDO4). At the beginning of 2021, VARIO-advisory Report 17 ‘The Sustainable Development Goals as a compass for science, innovation and entrepreneurship policy' was published in that context. The follow-up advice, VARIO-advisory Report 20 'The Sustainable Development Goals – Opportunities for Flemish companies', was issued in parallel with the advice on VSDO4. VARIO asks to read its advisory report 21 on the VSO4 together with the VARIO advisory reports 17 and 20 on the SDGs.