VARIO Annual Report 2020

Rediscover VARIO and its activities in the 2020 Annual Report

VARIO Annual Report 2020

The VARIO annual report 2020 not only gives you an insight into the advisory reports issued during the past year, but also how the advisory reports from the previous first mandate (2017-2020) found their way to policy, the Flemish Parliament, the media, etc.

The annual report also highlights a number of milestones in 2020: the VARIO colloquium 'Towards the top innovation regions in 2030', the launch of the joint VLUHR-VARIO report 'Economic effects of the internationalization of Higher Education', the Corona statement of VARIO...

The report is made for online viewing. Anyone who wishes to print and / or archive it, can download a pdf - without working links – below.