VARIO advocates a more systemic approach to the Flemish spending reviews

The Flemish Spending Review (VBH) aims at a thorough review of the various expenditures and, where relevant, cost coverage ratios within the Flemish Budget. The aim is to improve the quality of public finances in terms of efficiency and effectiveness. The VBH must lead to a structural embedding of policy evaluations and expenditure reviews in the policy and budget process.

Throughout its advice, VARIO constantly advocates an efficient and effective government policy. An exercise such as the Flemish spending reviews is fully in line with this vision. In this context, the Council also always emphasizes the importance of a systemic approach. And a systemic approach requires a systemic monitoring and evaluation approach.

To this end, VARIO has developed a conceptual framework in its advice 7. According to VARIO, the VBH project should be used to map, evaluate and maximize interaction effects. In a letter addressed to the minister of innovation Crevits, VARIO formulates the suggestion for a more systemic approach to this Flemish spending review. The council sees a role in this for the umbrella steering group. Minister Crevits has written a letter to the chairman of the steering group with the request to add the systemic approach proposed by VARIO - in order to optimize the efficiency exercise to which she is fully cooperating.

For more information regarding the Flemish spending reviews, please refer to the Communication to the Flemish Government of December 4, 2020.

You can find VARIO's letter addressed to Minister Crevits at the bottom of this page, as well as the letter that the minister addressed to the chairman of the steering committee..


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VARIO advocates a more systemic approach to the Flemish spending reviews