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How to reach the VARIO offices?

The VARIO offices are located in the Marie-Elisabeth Belpaire building. This is a few minutes' walk from the Brussels North railway station and can be easily reached by public transport. If you do come by car, paid parking is available nearby. Parking in the building is for now only possible for employees of the Flemish Government.

Postal adress

For non-scannable mail (such as parcels, magazines, newspapers, ...) our address is the same as our visiting address: VARIO, Boulevard Simon Bolivar 17, Box 345, 1000 Brussels.

Scannable mail (such as letters) should be sent to: VARIO, Koning Albert II-laan 15-bus 347, 1210 Brussels.

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Flemish Advisory Council for Innovation & Enterpreneurship

Visiting adress:
Simon Bolivarlaan 17 - bus 345
1000 Brussel