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Foreign investment has major impact on Flemish economy


Companies in Flanders under foreign control are responsible for the creation of more than 57.7 billion euros in gross added value and employ 399,594 employees (FTEs). A total of 6554 companies in Flanders are under foreign control, which amounts to approximately 1% of the total enterprise population. A relatively small number of companies were therefore responsible for a disproportionate contribution to the Flemish economy. This is the conclusion of the study ‘Foreign control in the Flemish economy in 2023’ by the EWI Department. Strengthening clusters is the most sensible way to anchor foreign capital here,” says Johan Hanssens, Secretary General of the EWI Department. The study was presented at the 19 June, 2023 EWI policy morning 'Flanders within international value chains'. VARIO also presented its earlier advisory report 28 on foreign private investments in R&D and knowledge-intensive production. The presentations are available on the EWI website.

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