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Final approval of Climate leap by Flemish Government following advice from VARIO, Mina Council and SERV


On June 16th, the Flemish Government approved the Program note to promote the Flemish industrial energy and climate transition (also referred to as Climate Leap) for the period 2022-2025, following advice from the VARIO, SERV and Mina Council. Two important adjustments were made to the program note. On the advice of VARIO, the relationship between the permanent consultative body and the working groups is further clarified as follows; “It is not a one-way, but a two-way traffic.” The Permanent Consultative Body (PO) seeks advices from the working groups, but they in turn will report to the PO and, if necessary, provide additional advices when deemed appropriate. The request to keep a clear separation between the sounding board group and the working groups in order to avoid conflicting competences was not adopted. The following motivation was provided: "A deliberate choice is made to set up the working groups with the organizations and persons according to areas of expertise. The strict separation between the sounding board group and working group is therefore not possible in practice, as it often concerns the same profiles within the relevant organizations." At the request of the Mina Council, to the recommendation from the context analysis that the policy framework should be stable, feasible and coherent towards 2050 was added that it should also be effective and cost-efficient. VARIO had also asked to be consulted on the five-yearly update of the program note and the roadmap. It is indicated that - if a new version of the W&I decree will be created in function of the next program note - VARIO will be explicitly included in the W&I decree at that time.

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