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VARIO calls for sharpened attention on attracting top international talent


In a letter to Minister-president Jan Jambon, Vice-minister and Minister of Education Ben Weyts and Minister of Economy, Innovation and Work Jo Brouns, VARIO calls for intensified attention to the action points in its advisory report 1 'Attracting and Retaining top international talent'. Higher education, both universities and colleges, play a crucial role as the spider in the web in the region, to attract highly educated international talent (bachelors, masters, PhDs, postdocs and faculty) and anchor them in Flanders for a longer period of time. On top of that, the recruitment needs of Flemish companies generally remain high. VARIO refers to the recent analysis by Steunpunt Werk (KU Leuven), which estimates that by 2030 more than 450,000 workers will have to be replaced each year. These shortfalls cannot be solved by simply raising the employment rate to 80%. Targeted economic migration remains an important, complementary spearhead. Shortage of talent is also one of the main obstacles to innovation. In the 'war on talent', it is therefore very important that we continue to put the knowledge and innovation region of Flanders on the map and continue to attract top international talent to our Flemish tech companies. The relative proximity of major European tech hubs such as Berlin, Amsterdam, London and Dublin makes this challenge all the greater.

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