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Advisory report 13: A quality set of indicators for science and innovation

20 July 2020

At the request of Minister-President of the Flemish government Jan Jambon and Flemish Minister for Economy and Innovation Hilde Crevits, VARIO composed a set of strategic policy indicators. This set allows to monitor Flanders' performance in the field of science and innovation in an objective and transparent manner, and to map our region's position internationally.

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The tool consists of 20 core indicators that together reflect the critical success factors and their associated objectives as much as possible. VARIO also provides a number of recommendations for the correct use and interpretation of those indicators.

This advice is the second part of a triptych. In a first part (Advisory report 10) VARIO selected five countries and 17 regions with which Flanders should benchmark itself on the way to the top in the coming years. The third part (Advisory report 14) examines in more detail seven weak links in the Flemish innovation system that will be a priority for the next ten years in order to raise the system to a higher level.