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Advisory report 17: The Sustainable Development Goals as a compass for science, innovation and entrepreneurship policy

1 February 2021

In 2021, VARIO worked around the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations. With this first advice, VARIO wants to draw attention to the high relevance of the SDGs for science, innovation and entrepreneurship policy. The advisory report is based on a series of facts & figures.

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VARIO formulates three recommendations to the Flemish Government:

  1. Rely on an ambitious, comprehensive and coherent framework with the SDGs as a compass and develop a clear vision on the role of science, innovation and entrepreneurship for all goals within this framework;
  2. Make companies more aware of the opportunities that the SDGs hold for them;
  3. Learn from the approach of our benchmark countries.

The post-Covid crisis relaunch and the large amount of resources that are being released for it, must be seized to further increase the societal impact of science, innovation and entrepreneurship.

In a subsequent report VARIO investigated how the SDGs can be opportunities to strengthen research, innovation and entrepreneurship in Flanders and to put them on the map internationally (Advisory report 20). At the request of Vice Minister-President Crevits, VARIO also developed a vision on a good policy mix between bottom-up support, which Flanders has mainly focused on in the past, and more thematic / mission-oriented support (Advisory report 27).