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VARIO Memorandum 2024-2029

Memorandum for the Flemish policy makers in the run-up to the Flemish elections in May 2024.

VARIO again is working on a Memorandum for the future policy makers in the Flemish Parliament and the Flemish Government in the run-up to the Flemish elections in 2024. What should the policy framework for innovation look like? Which choices should we adhere to? What new trends are coming our way?

The trajectory towards the officially kicked off in July, with a workshop 'scenario-thinking'. The forecoming report will serve as inspiration for our recommendations.

The Memorandum will be officially presented at the VARIO Colloquium on Thursday 14th December 2023 around 15h in 'De Schelp' in the Flemish Parliament. (more information will follow)

Work program 2023

The preparation of the VARIO Memorandum is part of our 2023 work program. You can consult the full work program.

VARIO Memorandum 2019-2024

The previous VARIO Memorandum dates back to 2018. In it, VARIO was the first to formulate, among other things, the ambition to have Flanders advance to the top 5 of European knowledge regions.