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Flemish Advisory Council for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

VARIO advises the Flemish Government and the Flemish Parliament on its science, innovation and entrepreneurship policy.

VARIO-memorandum 2024-2029: Greater impact through excellence in innovation and entrepreneurship

VARIO again worked on a memorandum for future policy makers in the Flemish Parliament and Government in the context of the Flemish elections in 2024.

VARIO proposes four ambitions to safeguard Flanders' position as one of the most innovative regions in the world and also to capitalize on it through entrepreneurship:

  1. Give innovation policy the leadership it needs
  2. Streamline innovation funding
  3. Secure more innovation talent
  4. Work on a sustainable and prosperous innovation economy

Report in the spotlight: Transformative Innovation Policy. A joint country review by VARIO and AWTI

In 2023, VARIO and the Dutch AWTI (Advisory Council for Science, Technology and Innovation) both worked on an advisory process on Transformative Innovation Policy. This third-generation innovation policy focuses on system innovation or system change. Merely optimizing existing systems based on incremental innovations is insufficient, as the old, unsustainable systems perpetuate the problems. In a joint country review it was investigated how transformative innovation policies are shaped in Sweden, Switzerland and Austria. The aim was to learn from these countries' policy approaches for their own advisory process.

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