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Flemish Advisory Council for Innovation and Entrepeneurship

VARIO gives advise to the Flemish Government and the Flemish Parliament on its science, innovation and entrepreneurship policy.

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VARIO annual report

Review of VARIO activities in 2022

In this annual report, we describe VARIO's operations in 2022. Among other things, we elaborate on the VARIO advisory reports and expert reports issued last year. The annual colloquium, VARIO's international activities and the impact of the advisory reports are also discussed. Extra attention is paid to the evaluation VARIO performed by an independent evaluation committee following its fifth anniversary. The annual report summarises the findings and recommendations for you.

Advice in the spotlight

Advisory Report 30: Strengthening Flanders' technology position with regard to patents

  • Flanders ranks top with regard to patent applications by knowledge institutions.
  • The Flemish ranking with regard to patent applications by companies is 'rather average'. To achieve a frontrunner position within the innovative regions, Flanders could still make progress there.

Other recent reports

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Advisory report 29: In­du­stri­al Energy and Climate Tran­si­ti­on program - Program note

29 March 2023
VARIO supports the 'climate leap' and formulates recommendations to strengthen the transition program

Expert report In­du­stri­al Internet of Things (IIoT) in the context of IPCEI

26 September 2022
In the context of its advice on IPCEI - Important Projects of Common European Intrest - VARIO commissioned expert reports on four strategic…

Advisory report 28: Foreign private in­vest­ment in R&D and knowledge-intensive pro­duc­ti­on

23 August 2022
Perpetuating and strengthening foreign knowledge-intensive investments