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Save-the-date: STUDY DAY Choices for a Flemish Bioeconomy on november 20


VARIO is co-organizer of this study day on bioeconomy in Flanders, initiated by the Minaraad (Environment and Nature Council), with the cooperation of SALV (Strategic Advisory Council for Agriculture and Fisheries), Department of Economics Science and Innovation, Circular Flanders, and the Bio-Energy Platform ODE. With this initiative, VARIO wants to emphasize the importance of cross-policy domain collaboration and also put it into practice. This is especially necessary for the major transformations our society faces, as indicated in VARIO-advisory report 35 on transformative innovation policy.
The bioeconomy comprises all economic activities based on organic material or biological processes. It is an essential component of the sustainable circular economy in Flanders and can make a substantial contribution to the greening of our society. Various pathways are possible for the further development of the Flemish bioeconomy. These new developments must fit into a region with great pressure on agricultural land use, strict restrictions on the use of fertilizers and water, and high transport costs. All this is possible, but it requires systemic vision and inventiveness to solve local challenges. The study day will take place in the Grand Auditorium of the Belpaire building (Simon Bolivarlaan 17, 1000 Brussels) on November 20 from 12:30 - 17:30. More information about the study afternoon and a registration link can be found on the Minaraad web page.

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